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Why Buy Used From Fayetteville Ford?

There are so many options to consider when shopping for your next car, and at our Ford dealership in Fayetteville, we want to provide you with plenty of options for your personal tastes and lifestyle. 

Thanks to manufacturers introducing the latest versions of their vehicles sooner than later, the market for pre-owned vehicles for sale continues to grow and improve. This allows every customer to have a wide array of used vehicles to choose from.

Learn about used car-buying advantages and begin your shopping journey today.

Buying Pre-Owned Saves You Money

Buying used cars for sale means you only have to pay a portion of the vehicle’s original price for whatever car catches your eye. Of course, this will depend on the mileage of the model and the year it was manufactured.

You'll enjoy plenty of savings without sacrificing quality when you shop used cars at Fayetteville Ford. Our pre-owned cars and SUVs for sale nearby offer enticing incentives.

When budget comes into play, there are many benefits to buying pre-owned at Fayetteville Ford. Our selection of used cars for sale nearby offers affordable buying options and a great diversity of powerful trucks, family-friendly SUVs, stylish commuter cars and everything in between.

Why Buy Used From Fayetteville Ford GA
Save Money With Fayetteville Ford GA

Used Cars Help Avoid Steep Depreciation

In theory, when you buy a brand-new vehicle, it begins to depreciate in value the moment it leaves the lot. Used cars, on the other hand, allow buyers to bypass that initial depreciation and save thousands of dollars in the process. It's just one of the many ways you pay less when buying a used car for sale at Fayetteville Ford.

Although all cars depreciate as time goes by, used vehicles are particularly less prone to this. Pre-owned vehicles for sale depreciate slowly, giving buyers more value for their investment.

Enjoy A Stress-Free Experience

Buying a new car comes with more decisions to make and can be stressful. Diminish those worries by finding a like-new or late-model vehicle instead. 

One of the main perks of getting a pre-owned vehicle is you get to drive your used car with confidence on longer trips since they have already proven to be reliable.

Stress Free Buying at Fayetteville Ford GA
Used Cars, Trucks and SUVs at Fayetteville Ford GA

You Can Buy A Better Car

One of the appeals of buying new is that you'll get the latest and greatest in performance features and interior technologies, but you can often find the same features for less when you shop used. Pre-owned vehicles offer similar amenities at a lower cost.

The used car market in the country is growing and people looking for a good reason to buy pre-owned cars in Fayetteville can find numerous options nowadays.

Better Selection & Availability

From crossovers and performance cars to dependable SUVs and heavy-duty trucks, there's not only a great selection at Fayetteville Ford but you'll love the prices attached to each of these models, too.

From Ford Certified Pre-Owned vehicles to used cars under $15,000, plenty of choices will be at your disposal when you visit Fayetteville Ford for your next automotive purchase.

The auto industry has changed so much today that you can now double-check the vehicle history of a used vehicle you desire online. Our variety of CarFax 1 Owner vehicles offers you peace of mind and value at reasonable prices. Many websites let you do a VIN check to confirm that your chosen pre-owned car is legit.

More Car Buying Options at Fayetteville Ford GA
Used Cars at Fayetteville Ford GA

Buy Used Cars Near Me

Our dealership staff will answer any questions you may have about your desired pre-owned vehicle. We make sure that all of your concerns are addressed so you can proceed with your purchase worry-free.

Besides Fayetteville, Fayetteville Ford also provides services to the nearby cities of Atlanta, Peachtree City, Newnan, and all of Georgia.

Come visit our dealership and view our inventory of used vehicles and schedule a used car test-drive in Fayetteville today!

Buying Pre-Owned Saves You Money

Rest assured that your vehicle will be protected under our Lifetime Powertain Warranty. Offered for new and used vehicles for 10 years/10,000 miles, drive worry free knowing your Car Truck, or SUV is covered on the road.

Learn More
Lifetime Warranty at Fayetteville Ford GA

We are very excited to introduce Fayetteville Ford's Exclusive Lifetime Warranty to our customers!

This lifetime car warranty is included with any new vehicle purchased from Fayetteville Ford!

Don't forget to make your service appointment today.

About The Warranty

1. The Fayetteville Ford Exclusive Lifetime Warranty applies to all vehicles that qualify for the dealership’s Limited Lifetime Powertrain Warranty that are new or have passed our Lifetime Warranty certification program and a CarFax or similar inspection.

2. We’re trying to build “Customers for Life”, so the Limited Lifetime Powertrain Warranty comes standard at no charge to you.

3. Our award winning service department will certainly exceed your expectations, but you are not required to come here. To keep the Warranty in force, you must perform all of the manufacturer’s REQUIRED maintenance and keep the records. It’s that easy! (Please remember, if you have your service performed here, we will maintain all of those records for you.)

,4. The Limited Lifetime Powertrain Warranty is valid for as long as you own the vehicle - for an unlimited time, unlimited miles

5. There is no extra maintenance required to maintain the warranty. You must simply follow the manufacturer’s REQUIRED maintenance schedule as referred to in the owner’s manual.

6. There are no catches, hidden fees, or gimmicks. Our dealership provides this product as an added value to our customers for doing business with us. The only ‘catch’? You have to buy your vehicle here!

7. Our dealership has been chosen as the select dealership in the area to offer this Limited Lifetime Powertrain Warranty.

8. The Limited Lifetime Powertrain Warranty is good anywhere in the USA or Canada.

What is covered?

  • Engine - Cylinder block and head and all internal parts, Pistons, Connecting rods, Crankshaft, Intake Manifold, Timing gears and gaskets, Timing chain/belt and cover, Flywheel, Valve covers, Oil pan, Oil pump, Turbocharher housing and all internal parts, Supercharger housing and all internal parts, Water pump and Seals and gaskets.
  • Transmission & TransAxle - Case and all internal parts, Planetary Gear Set, Valve body, Torque converter, Clutch cover, Transfer Case and all internal parts, and Seals and gaskets.
  • Front Wheel Drive System - Final drive housing and all internal parts, Limited slip differential, Axle shafts, Drive shaft, Constant velocity joints, and Seals and gaskets.
  • Rear Wheel Drive System - Axle housing & all internal parts, Ring & Pinion, Limited Slip Differential, Propeller shaft, U-joints, Axle shaft, Drive shaft and Seals and gaskets.

A snapshot of coverage savings

  • Engine Replacement - The average cost to repair an automobile engine is $4,150 but with the Lifetime Warranty it is just $100*
  • Transmission Replacement - The average cost to repair an automobile transmission is $3,195 but with the Lifetime Warranty it is just $100*
  • Differential Replacement - The average differential replacement cost is $2,379 but with the Lifetime Warranty it is just $100*
  • Transfer Case Replacement - The average transfer case replacement repair cost is $2,499 but with the Lifetime Warranty it is just $100*
  • Timing Chain Replacement - The average timing chain replacement repair cost is $1,989 but with the Lifetime Warranty it is just $100*

General Contact

A $100 deductible is required to be paid for repairs. The Limited Lifetime Warranty covers all items designated by the manufacturer as "powertrain" components in the manufacturer's original warranty documents. Above are examples of Powertrain components, coverage varies based on manufacturer. Limitations of coverage - The information on this page is intended only to provide an outline of the limited warranty coverage. For exact coverage, exclusion and limitations, please review the Lifetime Limited Warranty document.

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